Beeswax Bread Wrap

Beeswax Bread Wrap


Extra large beeswax wrap for wrapping bread to keep it fresh or great for wrapping leeks, other large vegetable and perfect for coving a cheese board or casserole dish.

Dimensions 45cm x 55cm 

How to use - scrunch the new wrap to soften the beeswax then use the warmth of your hands to shape and seal around food or containers.How to clean - hand wash, like a plate, in cold water with mild washing up liquid. Air dry, roll up (rolling better than folding so you know what size it is!) and store ready for reuse.

Made just outside Edinburgh by Queen Bee Wraps.

88-92 Raeburn Place,  Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1HH

Opening Hours:  Mon - Sat 10am - 5.30pm  Sun 11am - 5pm

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