Size suggestions: 

-Toy Breed : 15mm thickness - neck size 8"-12"..Miniture Poodle, Dachaund etc

-Small : 20mm thickness - Neck size 12"-16".. Jack Russel, Boarder Terrier etc 

-Medium: 20mm thickness - neck size 16"-20"....spaniel, cockapoo etc

-Large: 25mm thickness - neck size 16"-20" .... lab, beagle, labradoodle etc

-XLarge: 25mm thickness - neck size 20" upwards .... retriever, st burnard etc 


Measuring Instructions: 

Measure your dogs neck with a piece of string, then measure the piece of string against a ruler (in Inches)


Every dog is different so It is up to you what thickenss of collar your dog should have, these sizings are just here as a guide.  


All products are made to order so please allow for max 2 weeks lead time.

Diamond Collar, Geranium & Lilac, Medium


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